Petrified Wood

MADAGASCARThe fossil wood from Madagascar includes various types of plants such as Cycad, ebony, but especially the conifers, the group to which they belong firs and pines, dominated much of the Cretaceous period of the Mesozoic era, 146 million years ago. The plant fossils are mostly contained in rocks slightly acidic, the more resistant parts of plants, such as trunk branches, cones and seeds also tolerate harsh environments. The find fossilized in sandstone, where the 'original plant material is completely replaced by minerals in a slow process that affects all cells and individually named after petrification: the result is a faithful reproduction of the mineral plant material in which you store the internal structure cells. The Malagasy artisans from this fossilized wood formed into beautiful items of furniture, including tables, sinks, furniture using their great dexterity and simple tools, also Madamanga has made and is continuing to expand its line of furniture combining steel with the fossil wood, with support for tables and furnishings with unique designs and exclusive.

freccia Petrified Wood (furniture) , Petrified Wood (fossil)